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Originally from Nice, I live in Cagnes sur Mer. Passionate about art, I have since my early childhood, a provision for drawing and color. I learned, alone, the different pictorial techniques. As a teenager, I prefer charcoal, Indian ink and oil painting for portraits and seascapes. Then, I'm interested in watercolor to paint country landscapes and street scenes. I enjoyed this period because there is always a mystery in the watercolor ...

Then, I evoke symphonic music by blood and jazz by pastel.

Finally, today, I adopt acrylic paint. First by the abstract. I then escape into an unreal world very colorful, everyone can travel and feel emotions.

Then I come back to the figurative painting, with brush as knife, Mediterranean landscapes in shimmering colors with pines umbrellas, "sharp" and sailboats. My source of inspiration is then the sea and the sunlight that exacerbates the colors used in my paintings.

Since 2017, my artistic production is mainly oriented towards women that I paint in a cabaret atmosphere, jazz box or more intimate scenes by valuing the woman's body and its elegance. Today, my work is exclusively figurative, open and resolutely contemporary. From the complexity of the forms, I draw a refined drawing that exalts this abstract subject to the essentials in order to convey impressions, emotions, atmospheres ... I use three colors: red, white and black I associate red with luxury (jewels, hats) to the show (cabaret), eroticism (barely feminine nudity) and the passion that I devote to women. White is used to emphasize the purity of the lines of the woman's body, to bring peace and serenity and of course for the light. As for black, it's for me the color of elegance and chic. When I paint, I am in another world, I am in my web. I am a painter who is fun, above all! My motto: "You must not paint true, you must paint the likelihood" - Paul Gauguin

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